Internship Program

Internship Program

The Yellowstone Landscape Internship Program provides college students with an array of experience in the landscape industry, including construction, management, irrigation, fertilization, pest control, plant identification & crew management.

At Yellowstone, we take great pride in the culture of our company, with a focus on people. As a student you can learn a great deal in the classroom, but that will never replace the real-world experience you get from an internship.

Why intern?

Internships are a great way to gain professional experience while learning more about yourself, a company, and the industry as a whole. While not all schools and programs require it, completing an internship helps you secure a better job in the future, after you graduate.

Companies like to know that you’ve had some real-life experience before they hire you!

Yellowstone Landscape gives students the opportunity to do just that, with the added benefits of pay and the guidance of a mentor.

Why intern at Yellowstone Landscape?

We’ve designed this program with you in mind. You’ll be exposed to different aspects of the landscape industry, with a focus on landscape maintenance and installation.

A rotating schedule and learning objectives are clearly defined before you begin, allowing the Branch Manager, Intern Mentor and you to develop a program that best suits your interests and the needs of the branch.

You will be paired with an Account Manager (mentor) who will act as your primary supervisor and be someone you can go to with questions or concerns. Your mentor will share their management philosophy and help you develop your own management style. They’ll always be there to provide feedback, throughout the program.

Professional development is an important component of the internship program, and we offer outside activities and field trips to enhance a student’s exposure to the horticultural environment. We also offer a speaker’s forum, covering topics relevant to the company and your professional development.

We offer a competitive hourly wage and monthly housing stipend because we remember what it’s like to be in college and trying to save money!

Tips for securing the internship and career you want:

We want you to succeed no matter where you go in the industry, so we’ve provided some links for success highlighting resume, interviews, and on the job tips!